Before You Go...

1. Register with the U.S. Embassy of the country you are visiting. See www.travel.state.gov for details.

2. Check to make sure you have the necessary Passport and Visa documents for entering said country. Make extra copies of your documents and leave them with a relative or friend. Link on side panel

3. Label your luggage inside and out. If your luggage tag falls off; you have identification on the inside.

4. Check your medical insurance coverage. Most medical insurances will not cover you if you travel outside the United States; a perfect reason to buy travel insurance from Regal Travel By Design.

5. Make sure you have the required immunizations to enter the countries you will be visiting.

TSA Secure Flight

A friendly reminder, Regal Travel By Design needs your name as it appears on your Passport, Date of Birth and Gender on each airline reservation to comply with the TSA Secure Flight initiative. Additional pasport information is required for APIS, which is required by Air France, British Airways and Emirates.

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