Travel Protection - Stick to the big picture

The details of insurance can get pretty complicated. Travel insurance is no exception. Rather than risk overwhelming yourself with all the ins and outs of coverage, stick to the big picture and focus on the greatest benefit of all - peace of mind.

For example, you may be anxious about the money you've just spent. Travel insurance provides the assurance that your investment is safe, even if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip. You also could be uncomfortable about being so far away from the security of home. Travel insurance provides a safety net should you become ill and need emergency medical assistance or evacuation. It's even there to lend a hand if you lose a passport or prescription or encounter any problems - large or small - while traveling.

Also be sure to stick to the one plan that best suits your wants and needs when considering travel insurance. Whether you have experience with the travel protection or this is the first trip you are planning, think about what's important to you and make your decision based on your priorities. Too many options could complicate your decision.


Some credit card companies attract customers with the promise of travel benefits or services. However, in most cases, the levels of coverage provided by a credit card and ours (Access America) are miles apart. For example, most credit cards offer very limited coverage for trip cancellations and interruptions and no reimbursement for travel delays at all. Also, you can't always count on your credit card covering you for those medical emergencies that are not covered by your health insurance. And when it comes to one of the highest expenses of all - emergency medical evacuation and transportation - credit cards don't even go there... literally!

Before you decline travel insurance in favor of credit card coverage, make sure you compare the benefits. While your credit card might foot the bill for the trip, you'll need us (Access America) to protect that investment.

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